• 12+ Clinics/Masterclasses
• 3 Private Lessons per participant (Open for observation, IF the performing participant consents.)
• 1 Participants ‘Virtual Concert’
• Group ‘Composition’ Video
• What to prepare
• Tell us what you want to learn


Clinics – Faculty will present on topics such as technique, effective ways to practice, memorization, Bach on marimba, creative analysis, and looking for meaning beyond the sound.

Masterclasses – Participants may perform for and engage in open discussions with the faculty. Participants may perform works by others or original works. Faculty may comment on both the performance and writing.

(Participants are not required to perform at masterclasses. Please indicate your preference on the online registration. All participants who requested to perform at a masterclass is guaranteed a spot.)

Private Lessons

Each participant will have 3 private lessons with the faculty during the seminar. Participants may list their choices of instructors in order of preference during registration, however their top choices may not be guaranteed.

Participants may observe each other’s lessons, IF the performing participant consents. You may indicate your preference on the registration questionnaire.

Participants ‘Virtual Concert’

Each participant has the opportunity to submit a performance video to be compiled and premiered virtually as a Beta Percussion Live-Stream Concert on YouTube. Parameters and guidelines of the videos to be announced at the seminar. (Not required. For interested participants only.)

Group ‘Composition’ Video

A group composition project with the guidance of the faculty. 1-2 minute piece. A group video will be produced at the end of the seminar. Specific details to be announced at the seminar. No writing experience required! (Not required. For interested participants only.)

What to prepare for the seminar

  • A laptop (recommended), tablet, and/or smartphone
  • Zoom membership
  • Instruments (if available. Please provide details on registration questionnaire)
  • USB Microphone (recommended for playing in lessons and masterclass)
  • Sticks/Mallets/Bows etc.,
  • Scores (and parts when applicable) of your repertoire
  • Writing materials. Plenty of writing utensils and staff paper
  • An open mind

Tell us what you want to learn!

While some things in the curriculum are set, please feel free to keep an open dialogue with us and suggest topics you would like to work on at the seminar.